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January 01, 2020

Drones are excellent toys for both kids and adults. While there is plenty of fun to be enjoyed when playing with drones, one must always keep in mind precautions to ensure that everyone is playing safely.

Are you aware of some of the rules imposed by the government when it comes to flying drones? Do you know the risks of handling a drone? In this article, we'll share with you four tips to ensure that not only are you playing safely, but staying away from unnecessary trouble, too.

Get Your Drone Registered Right Away

There are a few regulations when it comes to buying drones. For example, if your drone weighs between 0.55 and 55 pounds (0.25 and 25 kilograms), you'll need to have it registered under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Fortunately, you can do it online and for a relatively low price of around $5. 

If, in any case, you fail to register your drone (classified as "unmanned aerial systems (UAS)"), you can face penalties, both criminal and civil. When that happens, you will be fined anywhere between $27,500 to $250,000. You might even face jail time. That's a lot more than a mere $5 for registering your drone online, so do not forget to register your drone.

Make Sure your Drone is Insured

The real reason you want to have insurance on your drone is not the damage your done might incur during its use, but more so the damage it causes. You could find a private insurer to have you protected in case your drone injures someone or damages property. However, this can be expensive, so we have another suggestion for you. 

By being a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, you can enjoy being insured for $2.5 million. All that insurance money for a mere $58 a year is, in our books, a huge steal.

Know UAS Safety Rules

Over time, UAS rules are getting stricter and stricter. Because of this, it is vital that not only you and your family members know these rules but are kept to date as well. In cases where some more trouble is stirred that revolves around the use of UAS, regulations can get even stricter.

With that said, here are a few examples of what kind of rules you can expect when handling the drone:
Never fly near an airplane or airports
Never fly over a crowd
Never fly over 400 feet
Know and understand airspace requirements and restrictions

Practice Drone Flying in an Open Environment

If you (or anyone else handling the drone) are relatively known to drones, do not fly in spaces that are restricted. Doing this will only put the environment and people around you at risk, not to mention making you liable for any injuries or damages caused. 

With that in mind, make sure that you practice in open spaces within set boundaries. Avoid flying when winds are stable, as the drone can be sent tumbling everywhere. Keep an eye out for objects as well, such as trees. With good space and flying conditions, practice and test your skills as a drone pilot. Get a feel of what it is like to handle a drone and how it will react to your controls. Develop muscle memory for your drone. That way, you can be confident that wherever you take the drone, you have full control over it and know exactly how to stay safe and away from trouble while playing with it.

In conclusion, by following the tips we've given, you ensure that you and your family can enjoy the excitement drones can provide in relative safety. Remember, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt! Know the rules and practice safety first. That way, you and everyone else can fully enjoy all that drones have to offer.

If you are looking to  purchase toy drones for kids, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help. We have a wide range of drones available to choose from.

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346 reviews

This is so much fun!!! We got it for the kids but we found our selves charging it so my husband and I could use it. It goes so high and fast, so much fun!!! Worth every penny we spent. We’re buying a couple more so we can play with multiples at the same time

Fun, fun, fun

This is so fun. There's no remote, you control it with your hands. It doesn't fly into things because it has sensors and when it knows it's going to hit something it will stop and hover or go away from the object. The kids really like the lights in the dark. It's easy to control. No more searching for a lost remote. It's small and with no remote it's easy to take with you on trips and take back and forth between two homes. This is a great gift.

SO FUN! Easy to use. Charge lasts us a good hour of play!

This drone is SO SO fun! These make amazing presents for kids and adults! My son and husband play with these almost every day. It really is so cool how it will just hover and move and steer clear of anything. Being able to control it with our hand movements is so fun. We play "catch" with it. Such a cool gadget! It's so light weight, it feels like you're barely holding anything. So easy to use and to charge! Lasts for a good hour when charged!

Hours of fun!

Eureka drones are super cool and are a fantastic toy because no matter the age anyone can get involved! We owned another one of these and ended up giving it to a friend because they liked it so much. So we bought this one to try out a different brand. Here is what I like about this one over the previous model.
This one doesn't have a remote to take off and land. Simply hold palm out and drop your hand and it immediately starts flying by itself. That's pretty cool. The other thing is I like the design of this one over the other. This one just has a better quality feel in terms of the cage that protects everything vs. the other one that was a more circular chrome blue color. I just in general like the over all appearance of this model better. Flight time is great with about 4-5 minutes.
The only negative I have about the product and it's just personal preference is I would have preferred the charging port to be a standard micro USB, rather than a more proprietary connector. Mainly because most everyone has micro USB cables laying around, or if you do happen to lose it you can easily pick another one up at the store. But other than that, it flies excellent, has provided tons of fun and has taken a lot of abuse and keeps on going!
Definitely a great toy for everyone to get involved in on together for a family fun activity.

Eureka Spinner ™ - The Ultimate Flying Spinner
An ORIGINAL Gift Idea!

I wanted to buy something original for my niece's birthday and when I gave her the Eureka Drone she's been so happy! It's very simple to use and kids can start to play with it straight away. She plays alone and with friends too, and - why not? - I play with her and her drone quite often!

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