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About Us

We believe passion for science is best developed at a young age. At Eureka, we use our technical know-how to produce high-quality toys that challenge young minds to think and develop a true passion for science and the pursuit of knowledge.

Friendly culture

We have an obsessive focus on customer satisfaction, our goal is to amaze you.  Our secret is a unique company culture. Started out as a group of friends, and we're still a group of friends, but one made up of professionals. Proud and helpful. Self-critical, progressive, friendly and especially customer-oriented.

A smiling team instilling happiness. It describes who we are, or better: want to be. It's our ambition, something we are working towards. A little bit better everyday. And you can help, too. Because you can think of and do things that make Eureka Drone better. Don't just make a customer happy, make them very happy. All together, this is a great deal of change and improvement. But while everything changes, our values ​​always stay the same. 

Get to know us better

Don't forget that w e are here to help and chat with you, even if it's about the new Avengers movie (so good!). Reach out to us on the contact page, or even easier on our social media Instagram and Facebook @eurekadrone